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A blank checklist and a paper that says Career Fair on a yellow backgrouns

This is an event for anyone interested in getting information about pursuing a degree in teaching, counseling, school nurse, administration, or wanting to become a paraeducator or adding endorsements to their current teaching certification.

A picture of a sidewalk

The City of Puyallup is constructing a new sidewalk along Wildwood Park Drive, between 31st Ave SE and 26th Ave SE, to enhance pedestrian safety and encourage non-motorized travel.

A picture of a student taking a picture of another picture on their cell phone

Several times each school year, Patron Tours provide community leaders, parents, and Puyallup community members with the opportunity to see innovative teaching and learning in action and tour district facilities.

A photo collage of Puyallup School District Parent Volunteers

From volunteering in school PTAs and booster clubs to supporting student extracurricular activities, the Puyallup School District has hundreds of parent and guardian volunteers who spend hours making a difference.

The word, safety, highlighted green in a book.

The event brought together district leadership and law enforcement partners to discuss the steps the district is taking to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff.

A graphic with a forest-themed background with Lushootseed and English text in front

To further support the Puyallup School District initiative to integrate Puyallup Tribal History and strengthen our community partnerships, each month, our schools will highlight a Lushootseed phrase and utilize additional resources to build cultural connections to the Puyallup Tribe of Indians.

A picture with text that says American Education Week; November 13-17, and three pictures of PSD Students and Staff

American Education Week occurs from November 13 to 17, when communities come together to recognize and show appreciation for the hardworking and dedicated individuals who work in our public schools.

A graphic that says Native American Heritage Month; November 2023, with a Native American-themed background

As the first Americans, Native Americans have made significant contributions to the establishment and growth of our country, and it's important to recognize and appreciate their valuable contributions.

A student trying to solve a math problem on a flash card at Sparks Stadium at the 2023 Marge Salmon Math Relay.

Students from elementary schools across the district competed in fitness skills such as jumping jacks, jump rope, running, and push-ups while being timed by volunteers on multiplication and division math skills.